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Her photographs don’t have a composition as God commands and that’s the reason why we like them so much. In her pictures, asses perch themselves and photoshop is nowhere to be found. Wonderful. And so we interviewed her.

The only thing I know about you is that you take cool photos. So: how old are you and where are you from?
I’m twenty-four and I’m from Ontario, Canada.
I moved to New York in the fall, but I’m back in Canada for a bit and then going back to the States in the spring.

From your shots I can guess you’re smart, so I’ll avoid stupid and boring questions such as “Is there a photograph that changed your way of watching the world and yourself?” or “Tell me the most beautiful thing in the world to shoot”. I’d rather ask: describe your ideal day.
I think I would wake up on a water bed with this song playing, but it would be my first time hearing it. Sit around and drink gin with someone funny. No pictures. I can’t decide what else right now. Nothing annoying.

Tell me about things or people – unrelated to photography – you are influenced by.
Everything influences me. I pay extra attention to things that are near and usually take comfort in unfamiliarity. Strangers, the Internet, boredom, curiosity, music, substances, my anxiety, the need to alter my surroundings, dreams, faces, dialect, negative space. I don’t consider myself or the pictures I take to be a direct product of my surroundings. It’s all twisted.

And what about the photographers that affected you the most?
Until recently I was kind of in my own world. I don’t really look at that much photography on the Internet or read a lot of magazines. I like anything that catches me off guard. Certain images can instantly change things, or make you feel differently. I guess looking at someone’s photos is the closest you can come to seeing through their eyes. About a week ago my friend Taylor Gillespie sent me some of his photos, and when I looked at one of them it made me feel drunk, which for me, sometimes is a sign of something that’s good or that I’m into.

When you were sixteen, you saw Canova’s Three Graces, you thought “they’re hotties” and then you decided to give it a try. Did it go somewhat like this? Is that the reason why you shoot naked women?
Oh gawd, hotties.
It’s not even that I love nudity, but more so that I dislike clothing. I have a pretty severe love/hate relationship with fashion and fashion photography. Two years into fashion school it dawned on me how much I hate it. Although it still has a weird allure , I like to keep it separate from most of the photos I take. Maybe that’s an explanation for a lot of the nudity, but more so I think it’s just that I find clothing distracting. I love clean lines with nothing taking away from the natural silhouette. Sometimes clothes can date an image or manipulate it into something that I wish it wouldn’t, but I guess the same goes for nudity.

Are there any subjects that you absolutely avoid to photograph?
cats/ guys in bars/ graffiti

Do you prefer analog or digital? What is your equipment?
I only shoot film. I started out just using disposable cameras, but for the last two years I’ve been using an old Pentax. Lately I’ve been making videos too. I’ve been shooting them with the web cam on my old laptop. It’s the shittiest computer, but the web cam is the greatest.

Which magazine would you like to work for?
Any magazine that would give me a lot of freedom. I’d want to travel a lot more. I’d want to shoot more people. People that have been shot a lot. I’d like to see if I could bring something different out of them or not. See everything in print. Sick of the Internet. It makes some things better, but most things worse.

We have several mutual friends on Flickr. Pick three of them that you particularly like and are inspired by.
Charlie Engman
Mate Urgin
Jordan Small

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