Exhibition: Wolfgang Tillmans | Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá

The video above is in English, with Spanish subtitles and intertitles.

I like to master my medium to the maximum, but do so with simple means. Like, I always use a simple 35 mm camera – I mean with a very good lens, but, I mean, it’s nothing crazy, not like a huge camera. Just something that… because, by being a normal camera, a normal 35 mm film, I find it’s closest to how people also see the world, and it’s closest to how I see the world.

Wolfgang Tillmans

If it were necessary to pinpoint a single trait that characterizes bad art, navel-gazing would probably be the first to come to mind – and photographers, like all artists, should be engaging with the world, instead of retreating to self-absorption.

Wolfgang Tillmans is perhaps one of the most relevant examples of the contrary: his work has always ventured in new directions, without stalling in what has been already seen and done a million times.
In the video above, Tillmans gives something of a detailed tour of the exhibition, while discussing his photographs, techniques and his views about art.

Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, in Bogotá (Colombia), is hosting an exhibition of his work until January 28th. Read an interview with Tillmans (in Spanish only) here, in which he speaks of past exhibitions, his relationship with the abstract, London and more.

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